How to clean a mouse

Many of the mouse issues and problems are due to dirt accumulated below the surface of the mouse. If the mouse is old, then due to environmental pollution and unclean surroundings, dirt can also accommodate inside the  mouse. Cleaning the mouse regularly can help you avoid many of the mouse problems. Below steps will guide you […]

Control Cursor Blink rate

When you are using a mouse, the mouse pointer is generally displayed as a ‘arrow’ . It is also called as a mouse cursor. The mouse cursor changes based on the function that is being performed e.g. when navigating it will be an arrow, if choosing a link it will change to a ‘hand’ symbol. Similarly […]

Connect a wireless Mouse

You want to keep you desk clean and tidy or you want to use the latest technology available, you have got yourself a wireless mouse. Once you have got a wireless mouse you have also got yourself a good companion during travelling ! Connecting a wireless mouse to your PC or laptop can be done […]

Mouse right click not working

There are many instances reported regarding the incorrect behavior of the right click of the mouse. There are issues reported where there is a huge delay in displaying the context menu after doing a right click  or if you do a right click on a folder or a file then nothing happens. The below post […]

Fix Common Mouse Problems

With the advent of windows operating system, mouse has become one of the most used peripherals in a computer setup. There are many types of mouse that are used namely wired mouse , wireless mouse, optical mouse etc. It is very important that for you to work in a productive way, the mouse needs to […]

Fix wireless mouse issues

There are some issues that typically occur with a wireless mouse like the most common issue with the wireless mouse is that the mouse cursor freezes at one point . You can now check what is wrong with your mouse and try to fix the wireless mouse issues by going through the steps below before asking for any help […]

Disable a laptop touchpad

In a laptop , a touchpad is often used for enabling the mouse movement.  For laptops in absence of the mouse, the touchpad acts as a pointing device. Is it possible to disable a laptop touchpad ? The answer is yes.  Read below instructions to understand how to disable a laptop touchpad. In absence of […]

Disable a mouse right click

The right click of the mouse is used to invoke the context menu in Windows. Its a very powerful feature which displays the menu based on the type of selection that is made. Many times it acts as a shortcut way of invoking things quickly instead of doing it via certain other settings or programs. […]

Move mouse using keyboard

Is it possible to move the mouse around using a keyboard ? Imagine your mouse is not working and you need to still finish some work ? or you just want to use a keyboard to do all your tasks. The answer is yes indeed you can use the keyboard number pad keys for moving […]

How to make your mouse silent

Do you typically hear a mouse click like sound  in your speaker while working on your machine ? Is this sound rather disturbingly irritating you ? The sound is heard even if you are not moving your mouse or using your mouse ? Want a peaceful and silent atmosphere while working ? then read on […]