Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

When playing PC games, most gamers prefer to use a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse delivers greater accuracy and sensitivity unlike a traditional PC mouse. Most gaming mouse also comes with an ergonomic design that are specifically designed taking into consideration the extended and extensive use. If you are in for purchasing a gaming mouse then its not a very easy task.Deciding on the right gaming mouse is not always a very easy job as mouse comes with various shapes and sizes. There is no one mouse that suits all the games. The mouse that should be chosen must be based taking into consideration the type of the game that is intended to play and their requirements. One of the highly debated point to consider is whether to choose a wired mouse or a wireless mouse for gaming. Although there is no one opinion or one inference on which one is better, however the below mentioned points can help you decide between wired Vs wireless gaming mouse – which is a better one for your needs.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

Wireless mouse

  • Needless to say, wireless mouse will be clutter free and there will not be any kind of obstacles when the game is being played.
  • A wireless mouse is a good option taking into consideration that it offers a lot of flexibility while operating. It gives the user a wide range of motion. In addition to this it can be used anywhere from across the room.

There are some negatives though in opting for a wireless mouse

  • A wireless mouse runs on batteries. Due to this there is every chance that the mouse will run out of batteries in the middle of the game. The gamer has to remember to charge the batteries everytime. Some mouse nowadays come with rechargeable batteries so charging itself is not a issue.
  • When we say wireless mouse runs on batteries, another slight disadvantage is that because of the batteries a wireless mouse is a bit heavier. This might troublesome for some who prefer light weight mouse.
  • Another issue that is typically observed in a wireless mouse is the connectivity issue. Specifically when the mouse is a bluetooth mouse. The connection drops suddenly and this results in no clicks/lags/freezing of the cursor which is a matter of life an death in a game. Also, if there are other bluetooth devices around, there will typically be interference and that will affect the wireless mouse performance.
  • Wireless technology also comes with a disadvantage that there is a slight or occasional lag in transmission. While this is inconsiderable for a normal PC user, this can become a important issue for a gamer specially in games that demand quick responses.
  • Last but not the least, wireless gaming mouse are more costly.

Wired Mouse

  • Wired mouse on the other hand , because they are wired provide a secure and dedicated connection. hence there is no lag. These are excellent for FPS games where speed and response is utmost important.
  • However since there is a wire involved, these wires can drag and cause disturbances and inconsistent mouse moves which affects accuracy. Special care needs to be taken to tie the wire so that it offers minimum resistance and does not come in the away of mouse move.

A wireless mouse is more suited for slower paced games like turn-based strategy games, where occasional lag is not the difference between victory and defeat. For games which need quick responses accuracy and speed to the level of 1 ms, then a secured, dedicated wired connection is the best bet.