Create Website Shortcut using Block Website Software

You can use the Block Website Software to quickly access a website on your machine by creating a website shortcut . If you are addict of a particular website or using a particular website very often, then you can create a shortcut so that you need not type the entire url each time e.g. if […]

Mouse Click Macro

Clicking Mouse with a Macro is now possible allowing you to Automate single or multiple Mouse Clicks. Yes the Mouse Clicking Macro can click the Mouse Buttons as you want. Whether you want the Mouse Click Macro to Click 4 times in a second at specific screen location, multiple left click at current Mouse Cursor […]

Free Utility to Locate Mouse Cursor Position

Now you can locate Mouse Cursor position in terms of X and Y Screen Co-Ordinates with Free Mouse Locator Utility. This Freeware Application provides you constant update of Mouse Cursor Location at every 200 Milli Seconds. The given below screenshot displays the main screen of Mouse Locator Utility displaying the current Mouse Cursor Position in terms […]

Free Bulk SMS Software for Windows

Bulk SMS Software is a Free Windows application that allows you to send mass text messages in India from your PC to a large group of people using a USB Modem for SMS Marketing. This software allows you to create a text message and then send it to a single mobile number or to a list […]

TouchPad – An Alternative to Mouse

Using a computer involves using the standard input devices like Mouse and Keyboard.  Its such a important part of our daily lives that it has to be comfortable and your perfect partner. However there can be a need to use a alternative to Mouse for various reasons. A Touchpad or a TrackPoint can be one […]

Different Uses of Mouse Scroll Button

Nowadays, all  Mouse come with 3 buttons. The Left Click, right Click and the middle button called Mouse Scroll Button. Many people do not know that the Scroll button or the  scroll wheel – as it is popularly known, can be used for different purposes. This posts describes the various uses of the Mouse Scroll Button. Closing Browser tabs […]

Change Mouse Speed in Android

Android is one of the most used  and popular operating system for tabs and/or mobile phones. Most of the tabs or smartphones devices are generally touchscreen devices. However there are many android devices that have a trackball or comes with a provision to connect a external mouse or keyboard. When using a mouse with the […]

Update Mouse Drivers in Windows 10

For the Mouse to work correctly, the basic requirement is that the correct Mouse driver is installed on the computer. The incorrect version of the Mouse driver is one of the  reasons for Mouse not working correctly in Windows. If your Mouse is not working because of the incorrect version of the mouse driver then […]

Mouse Cursor blinking issues in Windows

Mouse and Mouse Cursor sensitivity is one of the most important factors while working in the Windows Operating System. When using a mouse, the cursor and its blinking rate are very important to work comfortably with the Mouse. By default, Windows installs Mouse Cursor and sets the Cursor blinking rate . Due to various reasons, […]

Customize Mouse Settings in Windows 10

In Windows 10 Operating System, you can very easily customize  Mouse behavior as per your needs by changing the Mouse Settings. The Mouse properties like Button Configuration (for left handed person) , Mouse Speed, Cursor Thickness, Cursor blinking rate, Mouse Precision, Scroll Wheel Speed and many other properties can be customized as per your needs. There are […]