Create Website Shortcut using Block Website Software

You can use the Block Website Software to quickly access a website on your machine by creating a website shortcut . If you are addict of a particular website or using a particular website very often, then you can create a shortcut so that you need not type the entire url each time e.g. if you are accessing Facebook more often, then you can create a shortcut ‘fa’ and associate it to website using the Block Website Software.

How to Create a Website Shortcut using Block Website Software

Windows and most of the operating systems have a hosts file. A hosts file is a simple text file which is used to map IP addresses to the domain name. The hosts file is a very powerful tool since it overrides the mapped external DNS. It can be utilized for blocking a website or redirecting a website.

Block Website Software

Block Website Software

It can also be used to create website shortcuts. This posts explains the ways in which you can edit the hosts file to create a website shortcut using the Block Website Software. Below steps will guide you to create such shortcuts using Block Website Software.

  1. Download the Block Website Software.
  2. Launch the Block Website Software. Since the Software edits the hosts file you will need administrative rights.
  3. Click the ‘Add New’ button. A dialog box with three fields will be displayed.
  4. Now enter ‘fa’ in the website text box.
  5. Enter the IP address of in the IP address field. You can get the IP address of by typing ‘ ping com’ in the command prompt.
  6. Add comments if required.
  7. Click on OK and then click on ‘Save ‘ for the changes to take effect.

Once the changes are saved, the Block Website Software will add an entry with the IP address of and website as ‘fa’ in the hosts file. Now whenever you type fa , the hosts file will use this entry to redirect and will display website. The changes are effective across all browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc. The changes are effective immediately and there is no need to log off or restart the computer.

There are many other uses of the Block Website Software. Its a simple tool to block, filter or redirect the websites on your computer. Block Website Software can be used on all Windows Operating System namely Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and even older versions like Windows 7 and Vista.

Download  free Block Website Software now . You can unlock the trial restrictions by paying $5.00. Now make your browsing experience more safe, secure and fast using Block Website Software.