Update Mouse Drivers in Windows 10

For the Mouse to work correctly, the basic requirement is that the correct Mouse driver is installed on the computer. The incorrect version of the Mouse driver is one of the  reasons for Mouse not working correctly in Windows. If your Mouse is not working because of the incorrect version of the mouse driver then you can fix the issue by updating the Mouse driver in windows Operating System.

Below is a step by step instruction on how to update the Mouse Driver for Windows 10 operating System. The post also gives  instructions on how to download and install a Mouse Driver.  Please refer to the post Fix Common Mouse Problems if you want to understand in detail the other problems associated with Mouse not working correctly.

View Existing Mouse Driver Details.

Before making any changes of updates you need to first check the existing Mouse details. Follow the below procedure to view the existing driver details

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Device Manager
Device Manager Option

Device Manager Option

  • In the Device Manager, Select ‘Mice and other pointing devices option’ .  The Mouse will be displayed here.
  • Select the Mouse  and right click. Select the Properties Option displayed
Device Manager Mouse Option

Device Manager Mouse Option

  • Once you select the Properties option a dialog box will be displayed with all the details of the existing driver.
  • The status will also provide the information if the device is working properly.
View MouseDriver Details

View MouseDriver Details

Update Mouse Driver

  • Once you have viewed the existing  Mouse Driver details make sure you want to update the Mouse Driver.
  • The Mouse properties dialog also displays the option to update a Mouse Driver.
  • To update the Mouse Driver click on the  Update Driver Option as displayed below and follow the instructions thereafter.
  • You need to have administrative rights to make any changes to the Mouse Driver.
Mouse Driver Options

Mouse Driver Options

Uninstall or Disable Mouse Driver

You can also uninstall or disable a mouse Driver by clicking the appropriate option in the dialog box and following the instruction thereafter.

So now you can manually Install and update the Mouse Driver in Windows 10 by carefully following the mentioned procedure.