Using Mouse Pointers in Windows 10

In Windows Operating System, when using a  Mouse, the Mouse movement is dispayed on screen by a Mouse Cursor or Mouse Pointer. Mouse Pointer is a image on the screen that moves along with the movement of the Mouse. In Windows  you can change the Mouse Cursor to display a different image. The below post gives […]

Make a Window to stay Always on Top with Always on Top Software

A Freeware Application to make any Window stay on top of other Windows is presented in this post. The Always on Top Maker is an application which works on latest Windows Operating Systems and is really easy to use. All you need to do is show the target Window on Screen and use a Keyboard Shortcut to […]

Measure Mouse Click Speed

A Freeware Application to Measure Mouse Click Speed is presented in this post. Yes you can even measure Time Delay between Mouse Down and Mouse Up Actions. This can be really handy when you need to Automate Mouse Clicking or you want to measure the time required for completing a Mouse Click related Task. The Screenshot of Mouse Click […]

Record Mouse Clicks, Playback and Repeat

Now you can Record Mouse Clicks to automate a Repetitive task and later Playback Mouse Clicks with a Keyboard Shortcut. The Mouse Click Macro Software displayed here can Record Mouse Clicks, Mouse Movements and Key Presses as well.  Once Mouse Actions are Recorded, you can easily Playback the sequence of Mouse Clicks and other Actions. Yes you can even Repeat […]

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

When playing PC games, most gamers prefer to use a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse delivers greater accuracy and sensitivity unlike a traditional PC mouse. Most gaming mouse also comes with an ergonomic design that are specifically designed taking into consideration the extended and extensive use. If you are in for purchasing a gaming mouse then […]

Connect mouse to android device

Android operating system is the most widely used and one of the most favorite OS for phones and tablets. However if you are not comfortable using touch screen for navigation or need to type in long emails and documents then you wish you could use a mouse or keyboard along with your android device.Can you […]

Mouse cursor flashing busy

In windows, the mouse cursor changes with the different activities that are performed.The cursor is usually ‘arrow’ for selection. It changes to a ‘vertical bar’ when typing. When there is some process running at the background and the CPU is busy processing, the cursor changes to a ‘spinning circle’ or a ‘hourglass’ commomly known as the […]

Mouse scroll wheel not working

If you are using a computer then most of the work of selection and reading will need you to use your mouse. Nowadays with everyone using the internet so much,apart from the right click and the left click the scroll wheel also is equally important button. If the scroll wheel give you problems then the […]

Disable a mouse scroll wheel

Nowadays with everyone using a computer and internet so much, mouse has become a integral part of the browsing experience. Apart from the right click and left click, scrolling is also an important function that is done using a mouse. If you are net savy person or a ardent reader then scrolling becomes as important […]

Fix common touchpad issues

If you are using a laptop, then it comes with a touchpad which is kind of a built-in mouse and performs all the functions of mouse. Often than not, there are issues with the touch pad and it does not work correctly. Below are some of the common causes and resolutions for the laptop touchpad not working. […]