Free Bulk SMS Software for Windows

Bulk SMS Software is a Free Windows application that allows you to send mass text messages in India from your PC to a large group of people using a USB Modem for SMS Marketing. This software allows you to create a text message and then send it to a single mobile number or to a list of mobile numbers that are configured .

The Bulk SMS Software application can be used to send alerts, reminders, general awareness messages, notifications, product launches or offers thus making it a powerful and a very cost effective tool to organize Bulk SMS Marketing and Promotional Campaigns. Using this application you can now make your product or any offers known to a large number of people within a second in just a single click.

Free Bulk SMS Software for Windows

Free Bulk SMS Software for Windows

Bulk SMS Software’s User Interface is very simple as most of the options available in the right click menu.It is very easy to Install and Setup the software, all you need to do is to Download the Bulk SMS Software and then follow the installation instructions.The Bulk SMS software is free of cost and supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 11 versions of the Operating System. Do watch the Video Tutorial which displays the various functionality provided by Bulk SMS Software by selecting it from the ‘Help Menu’.

Main Features of Bulk SMS Software

The Bulk SMS Software sends the text Messages using a USB Modem and a SIM Card.Sending SMS using Bulk SMS Software is as good as sending the SMS from your mobile number.Below are some of the important features of the Bulk SMS Software.

  • Supports Sending of Single and Bulk Messages

Supports sending of single message and messages in bulk in India from your PC. The text message has a limit of 160 characters for English language and 70 characters for any other language. The text messages are sent to DND as well and non-DND numbers. You can send promotional as well as transactional messages using this Software.

The Free Bulk SMS Software a small Software promotion text appears in the SMS. Registered users can send the text message without the promotional text. You can register your copy of this software by paying a one time registration fee of $150. When sending the mass messages care should be taken to understand and follow the regulations imposed by law making organisation (TRAI) in India.

  • Import/Export List of Mobile Numbers

Using Bulk SMS Software, you can manually add and create a list of mobile numbers to send the SMS. If you have a list of mobile numbers in a text file then, you can also very easily just import the mobile numbers from the text file, make additions or deletions using this software and then you can store this list by exporting it to a text file.

This powerful feature of Bulk SMS software will allow you to create and store separate list of mobile numbers for different Promotional Campaigns. This way you can very easily customize and manage your SMS Marketing for different client base. You can also save the complete details that are displayed in the list – the mobile number, the SMS delivery status and the time at which the SMS was sent to a file.This can be used for review or in case of any inquiry.

Import Mobile Numbers to Bulk SMS Software from Text File

Import Mobile Numbers to Bulk SMS Software from Text File

  • Automatic Modem Detection

The Bulk SMS Software detects the 3G Modem automatically.  The Modem details are displayed in the task bar. The Device Identifier of the connected USB / Serial Modem that is displayed in the Settings Screen can help to distinguish between various 3G / Serial Modems. The status bar also displays the number of total SMS messages sent and the Number of SMS Messages sent on that day.

  • Multi Language Support

In a multi lingual country like India, many times the campaigns are localized and specified to a particular region. Due to this there is a need to run the Bulk SMS Marketing campaign in a local language for better response. One of the most powerful feature of this software is its support to send a text message in multiple Indian languages as well. If your keyboard supports the language, then you just need to type the message in that language and send it. The message limit for any other language is 70 characters.

  • Limit Number of SMS Messages to be sent

Many times when sending promotional or transactional messages, even if you have configured a huge list, you want to limit the sending of the messages to a particular number.

Limit Number of SMS Messages Sent by Bulk SMS Software Every Day

Limit Number of SMS Messages Sent by Bulk SMS Software Every Day

  • Delay Configuration

When you are sending multiple messages, due to various reasons there is a need to configure the delay between the messages to be sent. This SMS Software allows you to set a delay between the SMS to be sent.

Other Useful Features of the Bulk SMS Software

Removal of Duplicate Numbers : In a long list of mobile numbers there can be a possibility of some numbers being repeated. It is a very tedious task to go through the list of numbers and manually remove the duplicate ones. Now you can very easily remove the duplicate numbers using Bulk SMS Software application by selecting the option in the menu.This feature of Bulk SMS Software becomes very useful when managing a huge list of mobile numbers.

Removal of Numbers to whom Messages have been sent : Once the application has started sending SMS to a list of people, there are cases when the SMS cannot be send to a particular number(s). Now you might need to revisit, check and correct these numbers. The application provides a option to easily remove the numbers to which the SMS has been sent or the numbers to which SMS has not been sent enabling you to clearly view the ones that need your attention.Using this feature you can very easily modify and view the list as per your requirement.

Benefits Of Using Bulk SMS Software

With such wide range of features and options you can very easily use the Bulk SMS software application.below are some of the benefits ofnusinb this software

  1. Cheap and a effective method of sending bulk SMS
  2. The mobile numbers to which SMS is to be sent is under your control and sharing,of the numbers is not required.
  3. There is no SMS gateway involved.
  4. You are in complete control of your SMS marketing campaign.

With the use of this Bulk SMS Software you can take your company to new heights. Download the Free Bulk SMS Software application now and use its features to make your business a great success.