Mouse Cursor blinking issues in Windows

Mouse and Mouse Cursor sensitivity is one of the most important factors while working in the Windows Operating System. When using a mouse, the cursor and its blinking rate are very important to work comfortably with the Mouse. By default, Windows installs Mouse Cursor and sets the Cursor blinking rate . Due to various reasons, your mouse cursor blinking is not working as per your requirements. It is too slow or too fast or has stopped blinking completely.

To resolve the Mouse cursor blinking issue, you need to access the Mouse settings and adjust the sensitivity and speed of the cursor.

 Now you can very easily change the Mouse Cursor thickness and Speed and customize the mouse cursor as per your requirements.

Watch the below video or go through the step by step procedure mentioned below to change the settings to stop the cursor from blinking.

The post ‘Control Cursor blinking rate’ provides step by step detail instructions with screenshots  on how to adjust the Cursor blink rate and make your mouse working as per your needs.

Refer to the post ‘Change Mouse cursor in Windows’ for a step by Step instruction on changing the mouse cursor.

By following the above method you can easily resolve the Mouse Cursor blinking issues in Windows 10.